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Web Development & Design

CMS, Mobile Backends & APIs

Managing the content and information within a mobile application is one of the primary reasons we build web applications.

99% of mobile apps require a behind the scenes website which is used to store the data "in the cloud". We build the backend data store and API connections for the apps, ensuring continuity of delivery between mobile and cloud.

Landing Pages

The marketing, promotion and online presence of a mobile app is essential to it's success. We specialise in designing and developing highly optimised conversion driven websites. Using psychology and learned behaviour we can convert casual website visitors into die hard raving fans.

Web Strategy

Defining Objectives

Before implementing any sort of web strategy, we take a step back and discover what the objectives really are. What are the overall brand objectives? How can web or mobile initiatives help the brand map to and achieve these objectives?

Choose The Environment

One of the biggest decisions we make is selecting the right environment to reach the target audience. This is usually one of two options: a mobile (responsive) site or a mobile application. Working in the best interest of our clients, we always recommend the best solution for their particular needs.

Measure Results

We use analytics, tracking and statistics to ensure our results are inline with the original objectives of the project and the overall web strategy needs are being met.

"What gets measured gets managed." - Peter Drucker, The Practice of Management.

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Our Clients

Viatel iPhone & Android App
DoneDeal iPhone App
Cora iPhone App
NUI Galway iPhone & Android App
Vodafone iPad App
Beaumont Hospital iPad iOS App
McDonalds Android App
University Limerick iPad App
Three iPhone App
Casino Android App

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